Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JL #21 "Crisis on Earth-2!" Forward

If you are a long-time JUSTICE LEAGUE fan you know that the Justice Society of America made their Silver Age re-appearance in the 21st issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE (Aug 1963). I knew I wanted to do a team-up of my own between "my" JLA and "my" JSA, so I scheduled it for "my" 21st issue.
We're finally here!

If you took a glance at the cover you'll notice *quite* a lot of characters. This is another one of those times when I wish I could have had an editor to help me control my own impulses. Re-reading this story it's painfully obvious that I tried to use TOO many characters...! But I will let you decide that for yourself, haha...forget I said anything.

You might notice the coloring of Hourman. If you don't know which of these characters IS Hourman, never mind. If you do....I created this story thinking that Hourman was one of those characters who could easily pass his name and costume on to some non-family member....his powers were drug-related, after all. So in my mind I made this Hourman an apprentice to the original....which is why he is black, even though the original was white.

The story is basically a copy of most of the mid-Seventies and Eighties JLA-JSA team-ups, when they split up to do something world-saving. This action will lead to specific plot points, so I give credit to Len Wein, my favorite JLA writer. It is also based loosely on the 3-issue SUPER FRIENDS story when the JLAers break up with local heroes to save the world, in SF #7-9. That story was by E. Nelson Bridwell.

Translation was again by the wonderful Kinuyo Yamamura. I remember her being especially helpful in the dialogue of Red Tornado. We'll talk about that in the AFTERWARD.

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