Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Montana!

Today is the anniversary of Montana being admitted to our United States of America.

Date of Admittance: November 8, 1889 

Parentage: The word "montana" comes from the Spanish word for "mountain." When the territory was being considered for statehood, several Senators pointed out that the name was somewhat....dull. They named in Montana anyway. The territory was separated from the Idaho Territory after it was purchased as part of the Louisiana Purchase from France, who stole acquired it from the Native Americans.
Place in the Family 
Number 41

Montana is sandwiched between 
the Dakotas (#39/#40 11-2-89)
and Washington (11-11-89)

 "Oro y Plata (Gold & Silver)"
Nice that it's Spanish instead of Latin  

There is no "officially recognized 
nick-name for Montana 
Big Sky Country
 is the one I like the best
On the License Plate

A mountain range, skull of a steer, 
and the words "Big Sky Country" 

State Flags
A blue banner with the state seal and the name of the state.! 
With all that beauty in the state, 
THIS is all they could come up with? 

First City You Probably Think of
When You Think Montana:
Actual State Capital: Helena

State Size (Area) is 4th of 50.
Population is closer to 44th of 50.
(per 2000 Census figures)

Montana Sports:
(see population note above)

Anybody From Montana
Ever Grow Up To Be President? 

Good vs Evil 
(movie edition)
Dennis Hopper vs Kyle MacLachlan
in David Lynch's classic BLUE VELVET

Famous People from Montana
Gary Cooper
Academy Award winning actor

Martha Raye
comedienne, singer, actress

Michael Mansfield
US Senator, Ambassador to Japan

Chet Huntley
NBC News Anchorman

Brent Musburger
CBS Sports Reporter

Phil Jackson
NBA Coach

David Lynch
movie director

Peggy Hill


A Song For You.... 
I can't believe I couldn't find a Montana song!! 

"The Climb"
Written by  Jessi Alexander & Jon Mabe

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