Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Oklahoma!

Today is the anniversary of Oklahoma being admitted to our United States of America.
Date of Admittance: November 16, 1907
Parentage: The name "Oklahoma" comes from the Chauctau words for "red people."  The territory was originally intended as an area for Native Americans. It was used for the first time in 1890 to describe the entire territory. 

Place in the Family 
Number 46
Smack-dab between 
Utah (Jan 1896)
and New Mexico (Jan 1912)

"Labor Conquers All"
from the socialist democratic republic of Oklahoma, sheesh!

The Sooner State 
"Sooner" rather than later?
(from the earliest participants in the land rushes that brough
so many non-Native Americans to the territory) 

On the License Plate 
"Native America" 
currently it is the shield from the state flag; 
as of next year it will be the Sacred Rain Arrow sculpture

State Flag 
A light blue banner with the state seal in the center.
Simple, but elegant. I like it.
I just wish the name wasn't on it. 

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Oklahoma" 
Oklahoma City
Actual State Capital:Oklahoma City
State Size (Area) is 20th of 50
Population is closer to 28th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Oklahoma Sports: 
Just an NBA team 
the owners kidnapped from WA state, 
the previous Seattle SuperSonics 

Anybody From Oklahoma
Ever Grow Up To Be President?

Good vs Evil 
TV edition
(but which is which?)
Oral Roberts
TV Evangelist

Dr. Phil McGraw
TV Counselor

Musical Oklahomans
Woody Guthrie
"This Land Is Your Land"

Patti Page
"Tennessee Waltz" 

Chet Baker
"My Funny Valentine"

Garth Brooks
"Friends In Low Places"

Toby Keith
"I Love This Bar"

Reba McIntire

Blake Shelton
"Honey Bee"

All-American Rejects
"Dirty Little Secret" 

Carrie Underwood
"Jesus Take The Wheel" 

Celebrities From Oklahoma
Jim Thorpe
All-Time Greatest US Athlete? 

Will Rogers 

Lon Chaney, Jr
actor, "High Noon," "The Wolf Man"
Clarence Nash 
the voice of "Donald Duck"
(click here for a 1954 What's My Line 
Ron Howard
actor, director
Blake Edwards
director, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
James Garner
actor, "Maverick," "The Notebook"
Johnny Bench
MLB Hall of Fame catcher
Sam Walton
founder of Wal-Mart

Tony Randall
actor, "The Odd Couple"

Jeanne Kirkpatrick
US Ambassador to the United Nations 

Daniel Patrick Moynihan
US Senator 
Chuck Norris
actor, "Walker, Texas Ranger"
Alfre Woodard
actress, "True Blood"

Kristen Chenoweth
actress, "Wicked," "Pushing Daisies" 

James Marsden
actor, "Hairspray," "Death at a Funeral"

Oklahoma Literary Figures 
Chester Gould
Dick Tracy

S. E. Hinton
The Outsiders

A Song For You.... 
written by Rodgers & Hammerstein
(This is actually the official state song. 
I'm not kidding~!)
sung by 
Gordon Macrae & Shirley Jones & co.

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