Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I don't know why I started this story with a press conference. Thirteen years later, I really don't remember my thought process for that. I do remember that Hollywood stars and British musicians would always have press conferences whenever they visited in Japan, so it was more of a cultural idea to me then it was when I lived in the States.

I do know that although this appears to be a stand-alone story, it is actually another one of those instances where I plotted two issues at the same time so that I could balance out the members equally (the others were numbers 23 and 24). We can get into more of the details after you read the story...
Speaking of spoilers, I based this story on the classic JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA issues #120 and #121. Those stories were written by Cary Bates and illustrated by the wonderful Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin, then at their prime. We will also get into the details of how I changed the story after you read it; I don't want to spoil anything of that, either.
So what *can* I say? Well, to go back to the idea of the press conference, I guess I figured that if this were the real world the JLA would come out publicly and announce that they had added new members. They would want it publicly known that the new guys really were JLAers, right? From purely a creative point of view, a press conference was a new way to get all the members together, haha.
As I did in the past few issues I asked Miss Kinuyo Yamamura to help me translate the story into Japanese. Then I asked Mr. Yuzo Saito, who worked across from me in the same office, to do a final check.

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