Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Vermont!

Today is the anniversary of Vermont being admitted to our United States of America.
Vermont was the first "Newbie" to join the Original Thirteen Colonies.
Way to go, Vermont!  
Date of Admittance: March 4, 1791
The name is from the French term "Vert Mount" which means "Green Mountains."   
Place in the Family 
Number 14
As mentioned above, Vermont was the first State to be admitted
after the Original Thirteen had organized as a new nation.
In fact, Vermont was The Republic of Vermont immediately prior to
joining the US. It is one of only four other States that were
independant nations before joining the US.
Rhode Island was one year earlier (May 1790)
and Kentucky joined one year later (June 1792)
"Freedom & Unity"
I kind of like this. Sounds like something a bunch of free-thinkers would come up with.
The Green Mountain State
At the time Vermont joined it would have been the greenest state.
Other possibilities for that tile (such as Tennessee and Kentucky)
had not joined the US yet.
On the License Plate
Who wouldn't guess that it would be green? ;-)

State Flag
A blue flag with the state symbol in the center.
Here's another one, cut fromt he

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Vermont" 
Actual State Capital:Montpelier

State Size (Area) is 45th of 50
Population is closer to 49th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)
Which means that if not for Wyoming,
Vermont would be the least-populated State.

Vermont Sports:
There are no professional sports teams in Vermont.

Personal Russell Fact:
My grandparents used to live in North Troy.
My uncle and his family still does.
So I have been to Vermont half-a-dozen times.
It's beautiful, but cold in the winter!


Anybody From Vermont
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
Believe it or not, Yes!
21st President Chester A. Arthur was born in Vermont before making
a name for himself in New York City.

30th President Calvin Coolidge grew up in Vermont
before becoming Governor of Massachusetts and eventually President.

Oddly enough, both of these men became President after the
untimely deathes of two men, both from Ohio!  

Vermont Celebrities
This has never happened before:
after 48 other State Profiles, I've finally
come across a State with basically
NOBODY famous.

Even the people I *thought* were
from Vermont, like 
Ethan Allen (Revolutionary War patriot),
Bob Newhart's Dick Louden, and
Howard Dean
(governor, candidate for President)
weren't actually *from*
Here are the three names I actually recognized:
Joseph Smith
Prophet, Church of Latter-Day Saints
Bringham Young
founder, Church of Latter-Day Saints

Orson Bean
actor, comedian

WTH is Orson Bean, you say?
THIS guy!
(recognize him now?)

...and that's it!

I hate to say it, but Vermont seems to be the state with the 
least amount of famous people. 
So if you reading this and you happen to BE from Vermont, 
let me know if/when you ever become famous. 
I'll add you to the three above. 

A Song For You....
"Mountain Greenery"
by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart
This song was written for the 1926 show,
The Garrick Gaietes.
I don't know if it actually refers to Vermont,
but if it doesn't, it should. It's right there in the name!!  

Here's the first version I ever heard,
by Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore

Here's how it was initially introduced,
re-created for The Story of Rodgers & Hart (1999)

and here's my favorite version
by the Supremes from 1967

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