Thursday, February 16, 2012

JL #14, "The Story of the Justice League!" Satellite Map

This issue marked the debut of an actual group shot "masthead" for my series. From this issue onward, whenever I had a page that explained vocabulary terms or cultural items, I re-printed this JLA group shot on the top of the page. For those of you who are long-time JLA fans it is obviously a reference to the old JLA letter column masthead. I based my design on the illustration by Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano & Tex Blaisdell, who originally based their design on an illustration by Murphy Anderson who based *his* design on a panel by Mike Sekowsky. For the whole history of the JLA Mail Room masthead, click here to go to my buddy Rob Kelly's JLA Satellite Blog.

This is the diagram of the JLA Space Station Headquarters (aka satellite) that is based on the drawing that appeared in the comic-book JLA #130 (May, 1976).
1st Floor (far left)
Teleportation Tube
Computer Monitors
Computer Terminals
Meeting Table
2nd Floor (on right)
Computer Room
Trophy Room
Transmatter Cube
3rd Floor
Sick Bay
Training Center
Archery Course
Weight Room
4th Floor
Personal Rooms (HM/HW, AQ, WW, SM, BM)
Arts & Crafts
5th Floor  Private Rooms (BC/GA, GL, FL, MM, EM); Lounge; Video Library; Guest Room; Stairs
6th Floor  Station's Life Support System; Space Suits & Changing Room; Space Craft Docking Station; Stairs
...and YES, I copied this diagram and kept it handy for the rest of the series as a reference guide! Basically the only room we ever got to see was the First Floor,though.

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