Sunday, February 19, 2012

JL #14, "The Story of the Justice League!" History

The History of the JUSTICE LEAGUE
 (Major Events Only)

* The Justice League is founded by AQUAMAN, BATMAN, THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, SUPERMAN, and WONDER WOMAN. They almost immediately face the super-powered robot AMAZO, the alien starfish STARRO, and VANDAL SAVAGE for the first time. (The founding members are shown here.)

*The first new member, GREEN ARROW, joins. They face DR. DESTINY and FELIX FAUST for the first time. THE FLASH changes his uniform slightly. (Their original uniforms are shown here.)

*The second new member, THE ATOM, joins. The JUSTICE LEAGUE meets the JUSTICE SOCIETY for the first time. GREEN LANTERN stops wearing a mask. They face CHRONOS and ECLIPSO for the first time.

*The third new member, HAWKWOMAN, joins. They face DARKSEID and PSYCHO PIRATE for the first time. BATMAN changes his uniform slightly.

 * CHRONOS attempts to kill all of the members using his time distortion beam. HAWKWOMAN changes her uniform slightly. (Their original uniforms are shown here.)

*THE ATOM quits the JUSTICE LEAGUE and moves to Brazil.

*The fourth new member, BLACK CANARY, quits the JUSTICE SOCIETY and joins the JUSTICE LEAGUE.  WONDER WOMAN changes her uniform slightly. GREEN ARROW grrows a beard and changes his uniform. They fight the alien monsters THE ADAPTOIDS.

*The JUSTICE LEAGUE fights DR. LIGHT, QUEEN BEE, and the TIME LORD for the first time.
They fight the ROYAL FLUSH GANG for the first time.

*The fifth and sixth new members, HAWKMAN and THE ELONGATED MAN, join.


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