Thursday, March 15, 2012

JL #15 Dream Analysis

Commentary/Analysis of the Justice Leaguers' Nightmares
(pages 2-4)
Batman has many allies, but his best friends are his partners Robin and Batgirl. To see both of them murdered like this is a great shock to him. Also, most of his enemies are demonically Evil (The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, etc) but only one of his enemies is a simple thief. So to see that Catwoman has also turned demonic would be another sad event in his life. (Catwoman's profile will be featured tomorrow, as will all other guests/villains mentioned below)

BLACK CANARY (pages 5-7)
Black Canary's mother was the original Black Canary, but was killed by the alien Aquarius. The current Black Canary left her origina dimension to help her escape painful memories and moved to the Justice League's dimension. Her nightmare is that her mother's former team-mates the Justice Society would blame her for her mother's death.

(pages 10-12)
Aquaman has a large family: his wife Mera, his son, and his apprentice, Aqualad. His nightmare is that all of them are murdered by his three worst enemies: Black Manta, The Fisherman, and his half-brother, Ocean Master.

Martian Manhunter is a true Martian, and his dream is to one day return to Mars. His nightmare is that the planet he returns to has been destroyed.

GREEN LANTERN (pages 17-19)
The Green Lantern of Earth (real name John Stewart) is a member of the Universal Police Force Green Lantern Corps. His nightmare is that his closest friend in that group turn against him.

THE FLASH (pages 20-22)
The Flash has many terrible enemies. His nightmare is that six of the worst ones get together to kill him. His wife is not a super-hero.She is a "normal" woman named Iris Allen who is a newspaper reporter. However, her nephew is the teen super-hero Kid Flash, who will appear in the next issue.

(pages 23-25)
Superman is the most powerful man on Earth. However, there are things that even he can not do. His nightmare would be for his worst enemy, Lex Luthor, to kill his good friends in the Justice League, his girl-friend Lois Lane, and his cousin Supergirl. Not only that, but Superman must always control his powers so that he doesn't use them in anger; to lose control is his worst nightmare.

WONDER WOMAN (pages 26-28)
Wonder Woman lives on Paradise Island. When she wants to escape the pressures of "the real world" she returns home. Part of her nightmare is to come back to her home and find everything she loves destroyed. The other part of her nightmare is that the Gods she worships have turned against her.

GREEN ARROW (pages 29-31)
Green Arrow does not have the power that Superman or Green Lantern has; he has only his own skill and self-confidence in his abilities. His nightmare would be to lose control of those skills and abilities, and to be responsible for the death of Black Canary, the woman he loves. This would be a huge shock to him.

HAWKWOMAN (pages 32-34)
Hawkwoman from a very young age wanted to join the Hawk Guard Police Force on her planet, Thanagar. After she graduated from high school she joined the Officers Programme and after five years she became an excellent officer. She found romance at work, as well, as her husband Hawkman was a colleague in the police force. Her nightmare is to be expelled from the police force she loves.

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