Friday, March 16, 2012

Russell's Ken-Bun-Ki June 20, 1996 "The Bargain of The 100 Yen Store"

Getting a Bargain Feels Great!

People may laugh when I say this but I really love 100 Yen Stores. It's not because I'm cheap; it's because I love bargains. I also enjoy super-market "Special Sales."

The other day there was an especially great find at the 100 Yen Store. The ice cube tray in our freezer had cracked and we could no longer use it. I could hae ordered a new one from the manufacturer but that would have been a hassle, and I figured that would be very expensive. Just as I was thinking that we didn' really have to have one I fud avery good one at the 100 Yen Store. It came with its own box for the ice cubes, and it was only one hundred yen. It's just a one hundred yen ice tray, but it's awesome to use. Now every time I make ice or put ice in my drink I laugh to myself about how much I love the 100 Yen Store.

There's one more thing I love about 100 Yen Store, and that is its effect on international economics. It doesn't sell just Japanese goods: you can find international things made in such places as Taiwan, China, and the USA. Japan exports out-numbers its imports, so if there were more of these types of stores, the import-export imbalance would be more balanced.

If you have a chance to visit a 100 Yen Store, please do. You won't be sorry. I promise it will be worth your time...and worth more than 100 yen. :-)

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