Saturday, March 3, 2012

Visiting an Antique Mall

For the second time in less than a month my wife and I went over to the nearby Antique Mall. She has had her eye on some Fire King ceramics, and I walk around trying to find stuff of interest for me.

Last time I found three POGO mugs from the Proctor & Gamble (remember, I wrote about Pogo Mug Cups from 1971 here). I found Howland Owl and Beuregard, and a better looking Pogo to go with the one I already had. Now I'm only missing Albert and Churchie. The search continues!

Today I found something I had never actually seen before: The Pogo Poop Book. It was published in 1966 and is a collection of illustrated poems and stories, as well as made-especially-for-this-book comic strips starring Pogo and the gang. At $20 it was a bit steep, but I don't imagine I would ever find it for much less than that. And I've learned that if I find something I definitely want and the price is okay-to reasonable, it's better to buy it then rather than fret over NOT buying it. So I did. I also got a MONKEES LP for $3 (Headquarters, one of their very best ones). I don't have a record player; I bought it for sentimental value.

I had already planned to write about POGO: Prisoner of Love during the month of March, but when I'm finished with that theme I'll be back in April to talk about The Pogo Poop Book. Look forward to it. :-)

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