Thursday, March 15, 2012

WHM 2012 Womensfolk of POGO (2)

Today I'd like to continue my introduction of the collection of POGO comic-strips called POGO Prisoner of Love. In this story the mensfolk have decided to create a new country because nobody can sing all the high notes to the US National Anthem. (This is a good example of the logic flowing through the Okefenokee Swamp, haha!). So naturally, it's decided that Pogo will be the new country's President. As soon as the womensfolk hear of this, they all want to catch Pogo to become the First Lady. Of course, Pogo has to run away from them, making up a few weeks' worth of silly escapades. This strip is only the beginning. It shows several classic POGO characteristics: a character in drag (sort of), the beautiful trees of the swamp, a misunderstanding, one of the countless "walk-on" characters that populated the swamp (and the strip), and a nonsensical exclamation ("AGK!").

the illustration after the dedication page

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