Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

Today is Doris Day's 88th birthday! 

As a kid I was never a big Doris fan. I was not a fan of the "romantic comedies" that she cranked out in the Sixties with James Garner and, more famously, Rock Hudson. Truth be told I just don't care for most Hollywood fare from the Fifties through the mid-Sixties. Too much of it was just not interesting, and I painted Doris Day in that too-big-of-a-brush.

I've reconsidered her since. She was awesome in PILLOW TALK. She was terrific in CALAMITY JANE. She was even pretty good in some of those Rock Hudson movies. :-)

I always liked her music, though. "Sentimental Journey" was on one of my parents' BEST OF COLUMBIA record albums I listened to all the time. "Secret Love" was awesome. And of course, "Que Sera, Sera" is a favorite.

I remember seeing her on television, but again, she was never a favorite. For one thing, I never knew what kind of show I was going to get when I caught an episode! The first year she was a widower living on a farm with her Uncle Jessie (Denvery Pyle) and two sons. From the second year she lived on the farm but worked for Mclean Stevenson and Rose-Marie. After the third year Denver Pyle was gone and the boys were around some. For the last two years she worked for "meanie" John Dehner as a swinging single with no boys anywhere!! Talk about mixed up!

Doris Day was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in PILLOW TALK in 1959, and has hundreds of best-selling albums. She truly is a legend.

Here are the five different TV openings used for THE DORIS DAY SHOW (1968-1973).
See for yourself how totally different they are!

Happy Birthday, Doris Day!
If you're a fan, check out the Official Doris Day home-page.

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