Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JL #16 All About The TEEN TITANS

Note: After the story ended I included these text pages to help explain who the Teen Titans were. At the time Wonder Girl was called Troia, so that is what I called her. I wish I had just called her Wonder Girl.
So what did you think of "The Deadly Dreams of Dr. Destiny"? Did you enjoy the teen-age super-team the Teen Titans? Let's introduce them to you in detail!

ROBIN is Batman's partner. He grew up as a circus trapeze artist until his parents were killed and Batman adopted him. He is nimble and a well-trained athlete, plus he is cool under pressure. So he is the natural leader even though he is still young. His original uniform is shown here. He discarded it when he went to college. He is now a part-time super-hero.
AQUALAD is Aquaman's partner. He lives at the bottom of the ocean. He is stronger than average humans. Also, he has telepathic powers. Aquaman and his wife Mera patrol the world's oceans.
RAVEN is a witch who came to Earth from another dimension. Her father is literally a demon monster but her mother is a good, saintly woman.
SPEEDY is Green Arrow's partner. His parents were killed when he was very young and he grew up in an orphanage. He learned archery from a Native American teacher. At a Youth Archery Meet he met Green Arrow. When his teacher was murdered he became the adopted son of Green Arrow.

CYBORG's father is a robotic engineer. He was helping him when he was caught in a terrible accident and the left side of his body was destroyed. With his robotic parts he is ten times as strong as normal humans. Also, he has many terrific attachments  such as an electrical eye and exchangeable hands.
CHANGELING got very sick as a child and received a prototype medicine. He was saved, but he was then able to change into any type of animal. He is the youngest member of the Teen Titans (he is approximately 16 years old).
KID FLASH is the nephew of The Flash. He got his super-speed from the same chemical accident that gave the powers to The Flash. He is as fast as lightning. He is the oldest of the Teen Titans (he is almost 20 years old).
TROIA was rescued from a burning building by Wonder Woman when she was very young. She had no other place to go, so Wonder Woman brought her to her home, Paradise Island, where she was raised by the Amazons. She learned Amazonian education and training, where she became stronger than the normal woman.
STARFIRE is an alien princess who escaped when her planet was invaded. She can absorb energy from the Sun and shoot out bursts of energy. The Teen Titans helped her planet escape from the invasion but she enjoyed her life on Earth and returned with them.
TEEN TITANS were formed by the four original members Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Troia. Currently there are 9 members, but with Robin in college and Aqualad on ocean patrol the full membership does not get together very often.

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