Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Kind To Animals Week

This week May 6 thru May 12 is Be Kind To Animals Week. It was organized by the US Humane Society and celebrated every spring since 1915.
From their homepage :

 In this annual tradition, we commemorate the role animals play in our lives, promote ways to continue to treat them humanely, and encourage others, especially children, to do the same.
Be Kind to Animals Week is celebrated with shelter information and resources, special American Humane merchandise, and the annual Be Kind to Animals™ Kid Contest that recognizes children who go above and beyond to create a better world for animals.

When I was a kid I remember this week being around, but I never really knew what it was for. Who would ever be unkind to an animal? (sigh) I'm older now, and realize just what evil there is in this world. So I'm definitely on-board with trying to spread some more kindness around....!

A big WOOF to all the "working" dogs out there who help the police or are assistant-living guides.

Another WOOF to the people who help train these canines to provide such a wonderful service.

A big WOOF to canine handlers who escort animals to hospitals and hospices to bring some companionship to lonely people.

A huge WOOF to Humane Society-Dog/Animal Shelter volunteers. I was one for years until I ran out of time to do it right, and I know just how great this work is.

And lastly, one more big WOOF for all those people who show kindness to feral cats or otherwise  throw-away or neglected animals.

Jack the Super Dog says, "Be kind to animals! You're one, too!!"

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