Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wisconsin!

Today is the anniversary of Wisconsin's admittance into the United States.

Date of Admittance
May 29, 1848

Parentage Wisconsin was inundated by pioneers after the War of 1812, when the US presence kicked out the original British-French-Canadian settlers. The name probably comes from the French spelling of "Ojibwa," a Native American word for "our homeland" or "gathering of the waters." 

Place in the Family:
"Adult" Thirty
Two years after perpetual brides' maid Iowa (Dec 1846)
and two years before attention-hungry California (Sept 1850)

Because some States do go backwards

Fun Wisconsin Facts
Wisconsin shares its anniversary with Rhode Island, who ratified
the Constitution on May 29, 1790.
Wisconsin couldn't have waited one day, to get their own individual day?

"The Badger State"
I am pretty sure I've seen badgers in
states besides Wisconsin....
now Cheeseheads....those
I have never seen outside of
Green Bay! 

State Flag
Obviously a flag designed by committee! There's the motto (Forward),
the badger, fruit of a loom, a sailor, and a miner, plus the name of the state
and the hours it took to design this.

First City You Probably Think of
When You Think "Wisconsin"
Actual State Capital: Madison

State Size (Area) is 23rd of 50.
Population is closer to 18th of 50.
(per 2000 Census figures)

Wisconsin Sports
MLB (Milwaukee Brewers)

NFL (Green Bay Packers)

NBA (Milwaukee Bucks)

Personal Wisconsin Fact
My sister went to Beloit College in (wait for it)
Beloit, Wisconsin, so I have been to The Badger State
quite a few times.
Very beautiful country! ...

Famous Necessities from Wisconsin

Yeah, Liberace drank Blatz.
Sure he did. And he was straight, too.

Good vs Evil (1)
Golda Meir
born in Poland
grew up in Milwaukee

Joseph McCarthy
one of the worst political bullies of all time

Anybody From Wisconsin
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
Arthur Bremer shot George Wallace,
who wanted to be President
TV Celebrities From Wisconsin
Ellen Corby
"The Waltons"

Gary Burghoff

Oprah Winfrey
Queen of the Universe

Tom Welling

Tony Shalhoub

Film Celebrities From Wisconsin
Spencer Tracy
2-time Academy Award Winning Actor

Orson Welles

Gene Wilder
Good vs Evil (2)
the first name in "magic"

Jeffrey Dahmer
creepy serial killer

Musical Wisconsinners
Steve Miller & his band
"The Joker," "Abracadabra," etc

Les Paul
Guitarist and Guitar Designer

Wisconsin Literary Figures:
Thornton Wilder
Pulitzer Prize winning plawright

Ron Kovic

Other Famous Wisconsinners
Frank Lloyd Wright
called the greatest US architect

Danica Patrick
NASCAR racer 

Famous Fictional Wisconsinners
"Happy Days" 

"Laverne & Shirley"


Most Famous Wisconsinner
aka Barbara Millicent Roberts
from Willows, WI (dob 3/9/59)

A Song For You....
Here's "Sleepwalk"
played by Les Paul
you can really see how great he was in this 
music by Santo Farina, Johnny Farina, and Ann Farina

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