Monday, May 21, 2012

One Hit Wonders: The Breakfast Club

You're probably thinking of the movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB, directed by John Hughes, aren't you?

File:Breakfast Club.jpgWell, according to Wikipedia this New Wave band formed in 1979, years before the more-famous movie (in 1985). They had their only Billboard Top  Ten Hit, "Right On Track" in the summer of 1987. They were nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1988 but lost to Jody Watley. That was probably a good thing, since they broke up that year and went their separate ways.

They left us with this very, very danceable tune, though. I actually had trouble tracking it down because I couldn't remember the band's name and I thought the name of the song was "Get You Back." Finally I remembered the band name and found this on i-tunes. :-)

According to Wikipedia, American Idol judge Randy Jackson played bass with this group at the end of their life. Hmmm... That isn't him in the video, though, of course.

I always liked the question they pose here: "How far away can you go and still be dancing with me?"

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