Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carmine Infantino!!

If you are not a comic geek you may not recognize the name Carmine Infantino.
However, if you have read or seen any comic-books over the past 50 years I can GUARANTEE you have seen some of his work.

Carmine Infantino started out as a freelance artist in the late 1940s, making his debut on a story that introduced the super-hero Black Canary. He drew the Golden Age Flash, Hawkman, and Green Lantern stories before super-heroes' popularity waned; he then turned to adventure and western stories. During this time he worked on what he has said was one of his all-time favorites, the back-up series "Detective Chimp."

In 1956 he helped kick-start The Silver Age of Comics by re-designing the Flash. Working with writers Robert Kanigher and John Broome and editor Julius Schwartz, Infantino re-designed the character completely. It was Infantino's recognizable art style that made the series stand-out. He was the main artist on the book for nearly ten years and helped create such supporting characters as Kid Flash and the Elongated Man (another personal favorite of his). He also drew Adam Strange for most of that character's run. He also was the main "new look" Batman artist of the mid Sixties.

In 1967 he became DC's Artistic Director, helping to hire the first new wave of talent DC had seen in years. In 1971 he became DC's Publisher and while in this capacity helped create the character The Human Target. In 1976 he returned to being a freelance artist after a less-than-amicable split. At first he worked mostly for Marvel on such projects as Nova, Star Wars, and Spiderwoman. He returned to DC in 1981, where he worked on Dial H For Hero, Red Tornado, and his most-famous character,  The Flash.

Carmine Infantino Gallery:


May 24 is Carmine Infantino's 87th birthday.
Wishing him continued health and happiness!

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