Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Missouri!

Today is the anniversary of Missouri being admitted to our United States of America. This makes me a little bit proud, as I consider Missouri to be my very first home-town. Hooray for Missouri!

Date of Admittance:
August 10,1821 

Parentage: The word "missouri" is a Native American word for the tribe that lived off of the part of the Missouri River where European settlers first encountered them. The meaning is "people with dug-out canoes." The territory was stolen from the Native Americans by the Spanish, then purchased from the French, and then sold to the US as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. 

Place in the Family
Number 24
Joined with Maine (March 1820) as part of
The Missouri Compromise.
Then because there was such controversy,
it took another 16 years before
Arkansas joined (June 1836)

"Let the welfare of the people
be the supreme law"
Pretty good motto, if I do say so myself! 

The Show-Me State 
We are proud that we are not easily fooled,
but on the other hand, we can be damn stubborn, too!

On the License Plate
"The Show Me State" 
with a river-like squiggly line underneath the
state name to represent the river? 

State Flag
Red, white, and blue symbolizing valor, purity, vigilance,
and justice (but evidently not mathematical skill.)
Also a shout-out to our once being a French colony.
In the center is the State Seal surrounded by
24 stars, representing Missouri being
the 24th State. 

First City You Probably Think of
When You Think "Missouri"
St. Louis

Actual State Capital: Jefferson City

State Size (Area) is 21st of 50.
Population is closer to 18th of 50.
(per 2000 Census figures)

Personal Russell Fact:
My first memories are of my house on Stanford Ave in University City.
Although I was born in next-door Illinois, then moved to Boston for a year or so,
I consider myself a Missourian.
When I was in high school I couldn't wait to get out of Missouri,
but after I went to college and to Japan,
I realized just how good St. Louis and Missouri is.

Where I Lived in Missouri:
My house was in University City, the city immediately next to the City of St. Louis.
My old house is now on the market....priced at $279,900.
I loved that house.
You can check it out at Trulia Reality until it sells...

Missouri Sports:



Anybody From Missouri
Ever Grow Up To Be President?

Our 33rd President Harry S Truman
was from Lamar, Missouri.
His middle-initial was just that; he had no middle name.
This was to honor both his grand-fathers, whose names began with "S"

Good vs Evil
(broadcast version)
Walter Cronkite

Rush Limbaugh
radio personality

Missouri Companies
Budweiser Beer

Dog Chow, Cat Chow, Chow Chow

Greeting Cards

Tax Agents

Musical Missourians:
Scott Joplin
"The Entertainer"

Josephine Baker

Chuck Berry
"Roll Over Beethoven," "Johnny B. Goode," etc 

Burt Bacharach

Porter Wagoner
"Misery Loves Company," "Carroll County Accident," etc

Michael McDonald
smooth-voiced former Doobie Bros singer

Sheryl Crow
"Everyday Is A Winding Road," "Soak Up the Sun," etc

Sara Evans
"Suds In The Bucket," "A Little Bit Stronger," etc

"Ride With Me," "Just A Dream," etc

I know EXACTLY where this is!!!!
MY hometown!!!! :-)

Sporty Missourians
Yogi Berra
baseball Hall of Fame player

Mike Shannon
baseball Hall of Fame player


Missouri Literary Figures
TS Eliot
Nobel Award-winning poet, playwright, and author

Robert Heinlein
Stranger In A Strange Land, Starship Troopers, etc

William S. Burroughs
Naked Lunch

Maya Angelou
Award-winning author, poet, actress, playwright

Celebrities From Missouri
Vincent Price
actor, chef, painter, "ghoul"

Friz Freleng
animator for "Looney Tunes",
created Sylvester & Tweety

Dick Van Dyke
"The DVD Show," "Mary Poppins," etc

Ed Asner
"The MTM Show," "Lou Grant," "UP," etc

Robert Altman
"MASH," "NASHVILLE," "The Player," etc

Dennis Weaver
"Gunsmoke," "McCloud," etc

Dennis Hopper
actor-director, "Easy Rider," "Blue Velvet," etc

Redd Foxx
comedian-actor, "Sanford & Son," etc

Kevin Kline
Academy-Award winning actor,
"A Fish Named Wanda"

Kathleen Turner
actress, "Peggy Sue Got Married," etc

Chris Cooper
Academy-Award winning actor

Brad Pitt
actor, "Thirteen Monkeys," "Ocean Eleven" etc.

Don Cheadle
actor, "Hotel Rwanda," "Ocean Eleven," etc.

Comic Book Professionals from Missouri
Roy Thomas

Dennis O'Neil

Mike Peters
editorial cartoonist, "Mother Goose & Grimm"

Jim Lee

Other Famous Missourians
Jesse James
notorious train robber & murderer

Margaret "Molly" Brown

Thomas Hart Benton

Emmett Kelly

Marlin Perkins
original host of "Wild Kingdom,"
famous St. Louis zoologist

Most Famous Missourian
Mark Twain
Who doesn't know Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn?  

A Song For You....
"Meet Me In St. Louis"
Written by Andrew B. Sterling & Kerry Mills
Sung by Judy Garland & Lucille Bremer
(written in 1904 to help celebrate the St. Louis World's Fair,
it became even more famous as the title of the 1944 movie)


  1. Here's one you probably didn't know, Russell! I'm EXACTLY six months younger than Barack Obama. He was born August 4, 1961, and -I- was born February 4, 1962!

    Do YOU know what that MEANS?

    EYE can grow up to be President someday! ;)

    Oh, and when did Missouri become your hometown? ;) Heh. :)

  2. Missouri was always my "home-state." I just disavowed it for a few years, that's all. :-)