Monday, August 20, 2012

RIP Elvis Presley

I was 12 years old when Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. I remember reading about it, and hearing about it on the news, and people being upset about it. However, it was years before I really cared. When I was 12, Elvis was totally UNcool. His 50s persona was long dead by then, and his flashy jump-suit persona was a caricature. I had only seen a few of his movies and only parts of them at that: if you had seen one you'd seen them all.

Like I said, a few years after his passing I eventually realized what Elvis *had* been. I started really hearing his older songs and appreciating them. I realized just how sad a life he must have had.

Rock and Roll slash Celebrity is full of people who were used and spit out. There will never be another Elvis, and partly that is a good thing. Elvis couldn't even handle being Elvis.

Elvis Aaron Presley

In memoriam, here is the first Elvis Presley song I ever knew....his last big hit, "Burning Love" from 1972. Written by Dennis Linde.  Clip is from the concert movie "Aloha Hawaii" in 1973.

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