Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JL #20 Extra: Regarding JLA Absenteeism

Regarding "Absenteeism in the Justice League"
Four JLAers did not appear in this issue's adventure. We are using the word "absent" but really when there is no Emergency Signal sent out there are always gonig to be "absent" members . When the Initial Level Emergency Signal (Yellow Alert) is sent out, only those members who have time will respond. At that time, those members who are always very busy (Aquaman, Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman) are often absent. When the Highest Level Emergency Signal (Red Alert) is sent out, those members who are absent from that incident will have to fill out an "Absentee Report" detailing officially why they could not attend.
As of this issue, these are the members and the issues they have missed.  
AQUAMAN Including this issue, he has missed three times. In issues #9 and #20 the Emergency Signal was not sent, so he stayed on ocean patrol. In #17 during that crisis it made more sense for him to stay on patrol rather than attend the meeting.
BATMAN Including this issue, he has missed two times. Batman has another job as Bruce Wayne, the President of Wayne Enterprises. He is often very busy with this personal work. He was absent in issues #4 and #20, both issues where the Emergency Signal was not sent.
BLACK CANARY is currently the Justice League member with the most absences. In issues #9 and #20 when the Emergency Signal was not sent out, she stayed on patrol in her hometown of Star City. In issue #19 she was actually busy fighting against The Riddler so could not answer the summons. All together she has missed four issues.

THE FLASH is a police scientist so is very busy. However, because his power is super-speed, he usually can do his job quickly and then have some free time. This issue's adventure is a good example. On page 19 he is called by Green Lantern but he was too busy doing police work to respond. Then when he was finished with his job he was able to appear at the end of the story. So far this issue, #20, is the first time he has missed.
GREEN ARROW missed the same issues as Black Canary, #9 and #19. He also missed #11 on his own. That issue was the adventure that started as a series of charity shows, so he was busy fighting yakuza gangs in Star City at that time.
GREEN LANTERN is a police officer for the entire galaxy, so he is often on patrol in space. This is why he missed the adventures in #2, #15, and #17.
HAWKWOMAN's job is to be a representative of her planet and to be a super-heroine (JLA member). She has no other private life, so she responds to almost all summons. Her one absence was in #11 during the charity show. At that time she was in space visiting her home planet.
MANHUNTER has no private life outside of the Justice League, so he hardly ever misses an adventure. He sometimes does Private Detective work, but even when busy with that he gives JLA cases more priority. Also, he often volunteers for Monitor Duty (such as in issues #11, #15, and #17). Currently he only missed issue #4 when the Emergency Signal was not sent out.
SUPERMAN is the busiest Justice League member. He patrols Earth and space and also works as a reporter at The Daily Planet in Metropolis. In issue #9 he was busy fighting his arch-enemy Lex Luthor. In #18 he was off on another planet.
WONDER WOMAN is similar to Manhunter, Hawkwoman and Hawkman, and Elongated Man in that besides being a super-hero she has no other private life. Therefore she almost never misses a case. In issue #2 she was busy fighting her arch-enemy The Cheetah. She also missed the adventure in #4 when there was no Emergency Signal sent out.
ELONGATED MAN and HAWKMAN have only just joined in issue #13 and since then neither have missed an adventure!

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