Sunday, August 26, 2012

National Dog Day Aug 26 2012

Today, August 26, is National Dog Day. You know how they say "every dog has its day"? Well, this is the one for all of them.

I came across this in one of my educational (?) calendars a few months ago that listed various "holidays" and events. I put it on my calendar and then forgot about it until today.

It looks like it was created in 2004 by a woman named Colleen Paige who wanted to set aside a day to THANK all the dogs in our lives who do so much for us. If you go here: 50 Ways to Celebrate Dog Day you can also follow the links to read her message and various other facts and factoids about National Dog Day.

I love dogs. However, I have a very unbalanced experience with them. When I was a kid of about 8 I got bitten by our St. Bernard. She snapped at my face, nearly taking my eye out. Then a few years later one of my family's friends' Chihuahua bit me on the lip. When I was in middle school we got a Beagle-Mutt from the Humane Society and named her Sam. I loved that dog. When I was an adult my in-laws had a Pomeranian. I never did anything mean to this dog, but every day when I came home from work she would yap at me like I was a serial killer or something. I hated that dog. At about the same time we were given my sister-in-law's Siberian Husky to keep. I didn't know anything about keeping dogs in Japan, and he got sick with something and died suddenly. It was not pleasant. A few years later one of my co-workers offered me one of his Golden Retriever puppies, and I tried dog ownership again. Jack is still alive and well and living with my in-laws as of this writing. That's him at the top of this column.

Currently I live in an apartment complex that does not allow dogs. One day if/when we move, I would like to have another dog. Until that time, I'm content with my memories.

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