Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Sprouse Twins!!

August 4 was the 20th birthday of Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

"WHO?" I hear most of you asking.

If you don't recognize them you probably don't have kids who watched THE SUITE LIFE. However, if you think you have no idea who they are, let me ask you: did you watch FRIENDS?

Look at 'em again.

Yep, "Ben Geller" is now twenty!! Does that make you feel old?

Cole played the son of Ross Gellar (as played by David Schwimmer) for seven episodes between 2000-2002. Most famously, he is in the episode The One With The Holiday Armadillo where Ross tries to explain Chanukah to his son. That one is a really good one.

My favorite, however, is when he and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) play practical jokes on each other and on Ross. In that episode, Rachel goes over to try to talk him out of playing practical jokes and she accidentally says, "Dammit." Of course, Ben repeats it over and over again. Sometimes now when I get mad and say it, if I happen to say it twice in a row I stop and remember how funny the scene is (I'm totally not doing it justice) and then I become less mad. Atleast for a second. :-) Here it is, and see if you don't smile while you're watching it.

I came late to FRIENDS because I was in Japan during the Nineties. By the time I started watching it Cole was already an established guest-star. However, it turns out that he and his twin brother are one year younger than *my* daughter. Still, it was oddly surprising to realize that, yes, they are now twenty years old.

(And I'm not sure, but I think Cole is the one on the right in the recent photo)

Looking forward to seeing you in movies
and on TV for years to come!

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