Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jerry Ordway!

Comic-book artist and writer extraordinary Jerry Ordway's birthday is tomorrow, November 28. This man has some awesome talent. Why doesn't he have a regular series, at MARVEL or at DC or at one of the other minor publishing houses, even? He is too good to not be getting paid to show us his work on a regular basis!

I first came across Jerry's work in the pages of ALL STAR SQUADRON. He came on the book in the mid-Eighties after Rick Buckler had moved on; he stayed for several years,  co-creating with Roy Thomas INFINITY, INC. Jerry also inked George Perez' work on the CRISIS maxi-series. He then settled into a long run on the SUPERMAN books, including the famous "Death of Superman" storyline. Jerry also did beautiful work on THE POWER OF SHAZAM, writing, plotting, and/or illustrating every issue from 1994 thru 1999. This monthly series began with a fully-painted graphic novel of the same name. If you have never read it, you should. It is beautifully done re-telling of the origin of the original Captain Marvel.

Happy Birthday, Jerry Ordway!

For more Jerry Ordway goodness, visit his blog, "Ordster's Random Thoughts"

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