Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sam Lloyd!

You may not recognize the name, but I hope you know the face! Sam Lloyd played the perpetually put-upon and somewhat odd lawyer Ted Buckland on SCRUBS from 2001~2009. Not only is he a helluva comedian, he's also  a professional singer. He is one-fourth of the a cappella group called The Blanks. He, Paul F. Perry, George Miserlis, and Philip McNiven have a Blanks web-site here which gives tour dates and has links to various youtube videos as well as merchandise you can buy. The group appeared on SCRUBS a few times, sometimes singing cartoon or TV-show themes or songs from movies. 

Today is Sam Lloyd's birthday. I salute him on the anniversary of his birth, not only because he's a terrific actor but because he seems to be so dern happy at what he's doing. If you love your job, it's not "work."

Happy Birthday, Sam Lloyd! 

with SCRUBS co-star Ken Jenkins

the debut of The Blanks on SCRUBS 

The Blanks

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