Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Judy Reyes!

Today is the 46th birthday of one of my favorite actresses, Ms Judy Reyes. You probably know her from her role as Carla Espinosa Turkelton from SCRUBS (2001-2009). That's the role I equate her with, as I didn't watch any TV while I was in Japan (1987-2001) and I don't watch a lot now, either. I do hope she is still working...!
During the course of the show SCRUBS Judy Reyes played funny, she played dramatic, she played hysterical, she sang, and she danced. She was another awesome member of an awesome ensemble cast. I cannot sing their praises enough. So I hope Ms Reyes has an awesome day!

Happy Birthday, Judy Reyes!

Judy and her favorite SCRUBS co-star, Rowdy
a wonderful Judy Reyes as Carla moment! 

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