Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Hugh Wilson!

If you have never heard of Hugh Wilson, the talented writer, producer, and director, you have missed a lifetime of great comedy.

Hugh Wilson created WKRP in Cincinnati, the classic situation comedy (1978-1982) and was the head writer and executive producer. After that series ended he teamed up with "Venus Fly Trap" himself, Tim Reid, and co-created Frank's Place (1987), another situation comedy that was ahead of its time. It was remarkable for having an ensemble cast that was predominantly non-White. And if those two accomplishments weren't enough, he also directed Police Academy (1984), Burglar (1987), Guarding Tess (1994), First Wives Club (1996), Blast From the Past (1999), and Dudley Do-Right (1999).

Happy Birthday, Hugh Wilson! 

Wilson circa 1987 (note script for Frank's Place in his hands)

the participants in the Paley Center reunion:
Jay Sandrich, Howard Hesseman, Loni Anderson, Hugh Wilson,
Asaad Kesala, Jan Smithers, and Tim Reid
The Paley Center reunion of Wilson, four members of the WKRP cast, and two of the series' directors (from 2014?) can be viewed here. I have no idea who the interviewer is, but he isn't very does have its moments, though.

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