Wednesday, August 26, 2015

JL #40 ".....Dangerous Brain Storm!" Forward

This was a difficult story to get finished! Originally I intended it to be finished in July, before I went to Japan. However,  as you will see when you read it, it's *kind of* a continuing saga. So I had to do some coordination with the next issue before I could finish this one. Then I got terribly busy at my office, and had to go on a business trip or two. I didn't want to cart all of my pages and pens etc with me to Nebraska to work on it, so I brought the script to #41 with me instead. That was a mistake, because I then go into THAT story, and wanted/needed to finish the script for that one! And lastly, my collaborator on #42, the very rad Andy Kapellusch,  asked me to do various prep work on THAT issue before I went to Japan as well....

So....THIS issue got bumped to the back-burner again, for a whole month. I decided to actually take it to Japan with me, where I managed to finish the majority of it. I came back last month and "cleaned it up" and then started coloring it.

Of course, the death of Yvonne Craig last week casts a pall over the whole endeavor. I originally wrote this story as a loving tribute to two great Carmine Infantino characters; after I had started on it, the great artist passed away at age 88. Now Ms Craig has passed on, too. So it has become a sad tribute to two great influences on my life.

While writing this story, nearly a year ago, I went around and asked some of my friends for randowm menaces for the Justice League to face. I figured that if Brain Storm relied on his stellar helmet, I could rely on others' ideas. So I took a few of their suggestions and created the Final Battle of this story. Hence their credits on the Title page.

You'll finally get to see the conclusion to "Like A Moth To A Flame" this week. Hopefully it will entertain you!

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