Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Norm Breyfogle!

February 27, 1960 is artist extraordinaire Norm Breyfogle's birthday! If you've read any BATMAN comics in the 90s chances are you are familiar with Norm's work, as he was the lead Batman artist from 1987 to 1992. I was living in Japan at this time and actually subscribed to DETECTIVE COMICS to get every issue of this guy's art. Of course, DC then switched over to BATMAN, screwing me, haha. Among his many accomplishments was the re-design of Robin's costume in the early 1990s and the co-creation of the super-villain group The Mud Pack.

Currently Norm is working on the ARCHIE series, so you can find him in most Toys'R'Us or Barnes & Nobles stores. Check his work out!

Happy Birthday, Norm Breyfogle! 


A commission Norm did for somebody that I found on his homepage, 
This is Aquaman and Black Panther 
against their foes, Klaw and Black Manta. I love it! 

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