Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bill Watterson!

Today is the 54th birthday of award-winning cartoonist Bill Watterson.

You know him as the creator of CALVIN & HOBBES.

From 1985 until December 31, 1995, over the course of 3,160 comic strips, he presented a unique and wonderful world inhabited by a crazy dreamer and his mellow best friend who jusst happens to be a tiger. Unless somebody else is in the room, and then he's just a stuffed animal.

During this time Watterson won a Reuben Award, two Cartoonist of the Year awards, a National Cartoonist Society award, and eight Harvey Awards for Best Syndicated Comic Strip.

If you like PEANUTS or POGO and have never read this series, you owe it to yourself to go to the library or, better yet, go to a bookstore, and pick up a collection. You will not be disappointed. If you know just how great this series is, you don't need any more to get you to go pick up a collection, crack it open, and be thoroughly entertained.

By the way, all those various Calvin-based car stickers you see around? Totally un-authorized. Mr. Watterson did not approve ANY merchandise with his characters on it. So if you have anything besides books with Calvin & Hobbes' faces on it, it's illegal. :-)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Watterson!
I hope you have many more healthy years!  

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