Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Washington DC!

Today is the anniversary of the law approved by the United States Congress on July 16, 1790, authorizing a district to serve as our national capital. Washington, the District of Columbia, was officially made a city after Maryland and Virginia donated areas to the federal government. Originally the city was to be a square of 10 miles each direction for an area of 100 sq miles; however, in 1846 Virginia petitioned for its land back and the US government returned it, giving DC the odd shape it has had ever since. 

Date of Authorization:
July 16, 1790 (Officially named "Washington" on Sept 9, 1791)

Parentage: The city name is, of course, from our first President, George Washington. "District" refers to the fact that it is not a state and originally did not intend to have any actual inhabitants. "Columbia" is a romantic term for the United States, as discovered by Columbus.

Place in the Family
As an idea Washington DC was approved after the
Thirteen Original Colonies  formally
created the United States (RI ratified the
Constitution last, in May 1790).
As a city-state it was established immediately
after State #14, aka Vermont (March 1791).

"Justice For All"
Can't get any better than that

On the License Plate
"Taxation Without Representation"
this refers to the fact that for years DC had
not voting members of Congress
I always thought this was cool.

District Flag
Based on George Washington's actual Coat of Arms,
this is one of the best looking flags you'll find in the US

First Thing You Probably Think of
When You Think "DC"
The White House?

State Size (Area) is 68.3 sq miles
Population is close to 617,996
(per 2010 Census figures)

Washington DC Sports:
(Washington Redskins)

(Washington Nationals)

(Washington Wizards)

(Washington Capitals)
Pete Sampras

Tennis Star

Anybody From Washington DC
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
No.They just all lived there (after #2, John Adams) 

Good vs Evil
Bill Watterson

Pat Buchanan

Musical Washingtonians:
Duke Ellington
Sir Duke
Marvin Gaye
"I Heard It Through The Grapevine"  etc etc etc

Van McCoy
"The Hustle"

Henry Rollins
Black Flag

JC Chasez

TV Celebrities From DC
Georgia Engel
actress, "Mary Tyle Moore Show,"
"Everybody Loves Raymond"

Michael Learned
actress, "The Waltons," "Nurse"
Dave Chappelle
actor, comedian

Katherine Heigl
actress, "Grey's Anatomy"

Tim Russ
actor, "ST: Voyager"

Stephen Colbert
actor, comedian, Patriot

Film Stars From DC
Helen Hayes
"EGOT" Winning Actress

Billie Burke
Singer & Actress

Goldie Hawn
Academy Award Winning Actress

William Hurt
Academy Award Winning Actor

Samuel L. Jackson
Greatest Actor In The World

District Literary Figures
Carl Bernstein
All The President's Men, etc

Judith Viorst
Aleexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ben Stein
actor, game-show host, commentator
Most Famous Washingtonian
George Washington
While not actually FROM Washington, he is OF Washington, right?

Nine Reasons ALL Americans Should
Visit Washington Atleast Once....
The Lincoln Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial
The Washington Monument/The Mall

The White House

World War Two Memorial

The Korean War Memorial
The Iwo Jima Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery

The Smithsonian Institute

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