Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Murphy Anderson!

February 9, 1926 is the birthday of Silver Age great Murphy Anderson. Do you not recognize the name? Then you don't know your history of comics! Mr. Anderson was responsibile for most of the earliest JUSTICE LEAGUE covers (such as #1, shown below). He also one of the two great Hawkman artists (the other is the fantastic Joe Kubert). It was his work that was used on the HAWKMAN postage stamp from seveal years ago. And although he is a fine craftsman and artist in his own right, he is probably as well known as an inker, first for Carmine Infantino (the Flash, Adam Strange, Batman) and then for Curt Swan (Superman, of course). AND he is directly responsible for introducing another comic great to the business: Dave Cockrum started off as his assistant before graduating to the LEGION of SUPER-HEROES and then, later, THE X-MEN.

And he drew one of the most iconic AQUAMAN poses ever!

DC's Go-To Cover guy for several years,

JLA cover artist for several years,
starting with #1

His clean inks over Carmine Infantino's pencils
 helped make BATMAN into the icon that he is today

The US Postage Stamp of HAWKMAN
from several years ago
One of my all-time favorite "group photos"

Happy Birthday, Murphy Anderson!
May you enjoy many, many more!

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