Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dick Giordano!

Dick Giordano was born on July 20, 1932. He was one of the all-time great comic-book creators. He pencilled, he inked, and he edited countless classic super-heroes, mostly for DC Comics. He is one of the reasons I started reading comic books in the first place. His vibrant inks over Dick Dillin's exciting pencils on the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA turned me into a fan. His work on an issue of WONDER WOMAN that I happened to run across quite by accident cermented his place in my favor. Then he inked or illustrated the 1976 DC calendar,and I was hooked.

I found out later that he was the editor of AQUAMAN right before it was cancelled. His run on the book and the character is one of the best. He re-visited the character several times, drawing a short run in ADVENTURE COMICS that is still fondly remembered by all who read it.

Of course, he was also part of the award-winning Denny O-Neil-Neal Adams-Dick Giordano triumvirate who handled BATMAN and GREEN LANTERN-GREEN ARROW during the early 1970s.

He ended his time with DC as the Vice President/Managing Editor, but still had time to illustrate the odd BATMAN story or two. He actually drew what many people call the "ultimate" Batman story, from DETECTIVE COMICS #500, "To Kill A Legend" by Alan Brennert. If you haven't read this story, borrow a GREATEST BATMAN STORIES EVER TOLD book from the library and read it. You won't be disappointed. He has said that his all-time favorite story was from DETECTIVE COMICS #457, "No Hope in Crime Alley."

Dick Giordano unfortunately left us on March 27, 2010. However, his wonderful work will be with us forever.

Thank you,and good afternoon!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Giordano!!
We miss you!!

Dick Giordano came over as an editor, initially
working on AQUAMAN

Here is Dick Giordano inking Dick Dillin from JLA.
This pairing is considered one of the best art teams the
book ever had.

Although he was initially illustrated
by Carmine Infantino,  The Human
Target was eventually drawn
almost exclusively by Dick Giordano

The comic I picked up BECAUSE OF THE ART

The Women of DC, circa 1975 (1976 calendar pose)

Mr Giordano's favorite work

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