Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JL #19: "The Deadly Illusions of the Psycho Pirate!" Forward

This issue is another one of my favorites. The story was based on the story from SUPER FRIENDS #40 by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon. I took the plot almost full cloth from this story, with one major (?) change we'll talk about in the Afterword.

And although the story is based on SF #40, the whole point of the plot comes from the cover of ALL STAR #68. In that story, the Psycho Pirate took over the Golden Age Green Lantern and made him "see" his friends as his enemies. The story featured a more layered (convoluted) plot, but I liked the visual of the cover. So....I changed the bad guy from SF #40 (a one-note guy named The Monocle) into The Psycho Pirate and....voila! Instant fun story.

This is the last issue to feature Mrs. Ochiai as my interpreter assistant. Last issue, you may recall, I said good-bye to Miss Taniguchi. This time it was Mrs. Ochiai's turn to stop. For several years we had been working in the same Education Office. Then at about this time she was transferred to a different section, but I was still in International Education. It became much more difficult to ask her to meet with me and help me out, and she asked out. So thank you for several fun and exciting adventures, Ochiai-san!  

Luckily, my best translator was just around the corner.....!

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