Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas POGO 1949-1950 Post-Script

In the last two weeks I wrote about Walt Kelly's initial celebration of Christmas on a national stage, after POGO was syndicated more than just locally. Along with that topic I wrote about what I thought was the first appearance of Kelly's satirical "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie."  However, upon closer examination I found that I had made a huge mistake: I thought the strip wasn't syndicated nationally until 1950, when in fact it started nationally in May 1949! 

So the strips I am showing you here are the actual true debut of Christmas in POGO *and* the debut of the famous Christmas Carol. It had made it's local debut a year earlier in a strip for the New York Star that Walt re-did for 1949 when it was being syndicated nationally. Sorry for the mistake, and I will try to be better in the future! 

Click on it to get a readable version. 

Having a party for Porky makes this strip even more meaningful. I don't know how I missed this!

As an extra added bonus, here are the words to the entire song "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie", from the book GONE POGO in 1961. Also included are the infamous "second verse", "Deck Us All Bow-Wows of Folly." Unfortunately, Beauregard doesn't make an appearance here to harmonize with his brothers. 


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