Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pennsylvania!

Today is the anniversary of Pennsylvania ratifying the US Constitution and helping to create these  United States of America.
Date of Admittance: December 12, 1787

Parentage: The state was named after Sir William Penn, father of the Quakers, who was granted the land in 1681. 

Place in the Family 
Number 2
Pennsylvania was almost the first State but missed it by a week~! 
Delaware was first (12-7-1787)
and New Jersey was third (12-18-1787)

"Virtue, liberty, & independence"
Definitely a product of the Revolutionary War.
The Keystone State
Because of its location in relation to the rest of the original 13 colonies as well as the fact that Philadelphia was our first Capital. 

On the License Plate 
The silhouette of the state
One of the most uninteresting plates in the country!
State Flag 
A plain blue banner with the state seal in the center.
This is just the seal on the flag. Not much else to say about it. 

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Pennsylvania" 
Actual State Capital:Harrisburg
State Size (Area) is 33rd of 50
Population is closer to 6th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Personal Russell Fact (1): 
My father's family is from Philadelphia, so I have been there numerous times. Most of my cousins still live in or around the Philly area.


Personal Russell Fact (2): 
There is a "University City" in the Philadelphia area. This is the name of the town I grew up in outside of St. Louis. The first time I saw someone in Philly wearing a University City t-shirt I was totally confused. 
Now I just want one. :-) 

Pennsylvania Sports: 
NFL (Philadelphia Eagles)

NFL (Pittsburgh Steelers)

MLB (Philadelphia Phillies)

MLB (Pittsburgh Pirates)
NBA (Philadelphia 76ers)
NHL(Philadelphia Flyers)

NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Anybody From Pennsylvania
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
  The 15th President James Buchana

is the only President from Pennsylvania 
and also the only bachelor President.
Many consider him the worst President
for not working to forestall 
The Civil War while in office. 

Musical Pennsylvanians
Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey
Band Leaders in the 30s and 40s

Bill Haley & The Comets
"Rock Around The Clock"

Jim Croce
"Time In A Bottle"

Darryl Hall & John Oates
"Kiss On My List," "Private Eyes"

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

Boys II Men
"End of the Road"

Christina Aguilera
"Genie In a Bottle"

"F'ing Perfect"

Taylor Swift
"You Belong With Me"

Artists From Pennsylvania 
Louisa May Alcott

Andrew Wyeth

"Christina's World"

Andy Warhol

Steve Ditko
co-creator of  Spider-Man
and other comic-book characters

Mike Sekowsky
original Justice League artist

Jim Shooter
comic-book writer and editor

John Updike

Companies in Pennsylvania


American Bandstand 
started in Philadelphia

Celebrities From Pennsylvania

W.C. Fields
actor, comedian

Larry Fine
Second Stooge

James Stewart
Academy Award winning actor
(who won it for THE PHILADELPHIA STORY!) 

Shirley Jones
Academy Award winning actress

Frankie Avalon
Beach Blanket Idol

Jack Klugman
Emmy Award-winning actor

Russell Johnson
"The Professor"

Frank Gorshin
actor, comedian

Barbara Feldon
actress, "Get Smart"

Bill Cosby
actor, comedian

Charles Bronson
actor, "Death Wish"

Sherman Helmsley
actor, "The Jeffersons"

Mr. (Fred) Rogers
actor, producer

Billy Barty
actor, "Willow"

Peter Boyle
actor, "Young Frankenstein"

Kevin Bacon
he knows everybody

Richard Gere
actor, "An Officer and A Gentleman"

Jonathan Frakes
actor, "Star Trek The Next Generation"

Michael Keaton
actor, "Batman"

Will Smith
actor, singer

Seth Green
actor, comedian "Robot Chicken"

Tina Fey
actress, comedienne

Bradley Cooper
actor, "The Hangover"

A Song For You.... 
"Motown Philly" 
written by Dallas Austin, Michael Bivins, 
Nathan Morris, & Shawn Stookman
sung by Boys II Men
(featuring various sites in and around Philadelphia!)

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