Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Illinois!

Today is the anniversary of Illinois being admitted to our United States of America.

Date of Admittance: December 3, 1818

Parentage: The word "illinois" doesn't really mean anything. It is thought to be from the Ojibwe/Ottawa dialect word, "ilinwe" that became French and then English. The meaning of "ilinwe" is "speaking straight," which is ironic because it has such an odd etymology. 

Place in the Family 
Number 21
Illinois was the Darling of 1818, 
as it came between 
Mississippi  (Dec 1817)
and Alabama (Dec 1819)
This will be the first time I ask this: 
What's up with all these states in December!?! 

"State Sovereignty, National Unity"
Definitely a product of its time, eh?

Land of Lincoln
Although he was born in Kentucky, 
Illinois claims our 16th President as theirs

On the License Plate 
"Land of Lincoln" 

State Flag 
A plain white banner with the state seal in the center,
with the state name on the bottom
I don't mind the seal so much, but I am so not a fan of 
words on flags! 

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Illinois":
Actual State Capital:Springfield

State Size (Area) is 25th of 50
Population is closer to 5th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Illinois Sports: 
NFL (Chicago Bears)

 MLB (Chicago Cubs)

MLB (Chicago White Sox)

NHL (Chicago Blackhawks)

Anybody From Illinois
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
  Although most people think of him as 

being from California, the 40th President 
was actually born here! 
40th President Ronald Reagan 

Good vs Evil 
cultural edtion
Walt Disney
everybody's favorite Uncle Walt

Hugh Hefner
everybody's pervy Uncle Hugh

Musical Illinoisians
Miles Davis

Lou Rawls

Herbie Hancock

Fall Out Boy

Kanye West 

Jennifer Hudson
Academy Award winning actress, too

Celebrities From Illinois

Black Hawk

Elliot Ness
original "Untouchable"

Jack Benny
TV & Radio comedian

Fred MacMurray
Film & TV actor

Donald O'Connor
actor & singer
(that's him on the left)

Buddy Ebsen
actor & dancer

Charlton Heston
Academy Award winning actor

Rock Hudson
actor & symbol of AIDS

Burl Ives
Academy Award winning actor & singer

Robert Young
actor, "Marcus Welby"

actress, "Bye-Bye Birdie," "Viva Las Vegas"

Robert Conrad
TV actor 
Nichelle Nichols
iconic actress

Betty White
iconic comedienne

Don Cornelius
host, "Soul Train" 

Siskel & Ebert
iconic film reviewers

Richard Pryor
comedian & actor

Shel Silverstein
author & illustrator 

Bill Murray 
actor & comedian

David Ogden Stiers
actor & voice actor

Harrison Ford

Karen Allen
actress, "Indiana Jones"

Robin Williams 
Academy Award winning actor & comedian
Cindy Crawford

John Cusack

John Malkovich

Chris O'Donnell

 Dan Castellaneta
actor & voice actor 

Scott Turow

The Wachowskis

Bernie Mac
actor & comedian

Jane Lynch

Chi McBride

Most Famous Person from Illinois 
Ray Kroc
who took over an unknown hamburger chain 
and turned it into McDonalds 

A Song For You.... 
"Hard to Say I'm Sorry" 
there are plenty of great songs about Chicago, but...
how could I resist a group *named* Chicago!?! 
 here's their Number One Hit from 1982
 written by Peter Cetera & David Foster


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