Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Indiana!

Today is the anniversary of Indiana being admitted to our United States of America. This makes me a little bit proud, as I consider Indiana my third home-town after Missouri and Minnesota.
Date of Admittance:December 11, 1816

Parentage: The word "indiana" is Latin for "land of Indians." Oddly enough, I never met a Native American while I lived there. 

Place in the Family 
Number 19
between Louisiana  (April 1812)
and Mississippi (Dec 1817)
Indiana was the Darling of 1816
the first state since the War of 1812 to join. 
It started a trend, as three more states
joined in the month of December for the next three years.  

"The Crossroads of America"
I really like this, and those Hoosiers sure love cars!  
The Hoosier State
Although no one really knows the origin of the name....!

On the License Plate 
1998 - 2002 License Plate
This is the one I had in 2001...
they've change it to this (below) and various others now.... 
 2008-Present License Plate

State Flag 
A blue banner with the state seal in the center. 
I really love this flag. The state name is so small that you may not even notice it at first.

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Indiana" 
Actual State Capital:Indianapolis
State Size (Area) is 38th of 50
Population is closer to 14th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Personal Russell Fact 
I lived in Portland, Indiana for four years, from 2001 to 2005. Although it was the County Seat, it was surrounded by soy and corn crops.The biggest city was Muncie, about half an hour away. Still, it was a nice place to live. If my wife hadn't found it boring *and* my boss hadn't sucked, I could still be there now. I have many great friends in Indiana!
Oh, and my nephew was born there, too!! 

Where I Lived in Indiana
My house was the corner of Main and Charles. It was a rental, and during the time I lived there I heard from several other people who had also  lived in this house! It was a good location and just the right size for me and my daughter. I liked that house. 
The other place I liked in Portland was Arts Place. 
It's where I did all of my shows while I lived there. 
Wonderful facility!!

Indiana Sports
NFL (Indianapolis Colts)
NBA (Indianapolis Pacers

Anybody From Indiana
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
Well...although Presidents William Henry Harrison, 
Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Harrison 
all LIVED in Indiana, none of them were actually
from there. 
So I gotta say NO. 
Sorry, Indiana. 
The closest you've come is Vice-President Dan Quayle. 

Musical Hoosiers
Cole Porter
songwriter, "Night And Day," 
"You're The Top" etc etc etc!

The Jackson Family
the first family of pop?

John Mellencamp
"Jack and Diane"

David Lee Roth
"Hot For Teacher" 

Axl Rose
front man, Guns & Roses

Adam Lambert
"Whaddya Want From Me?"

Historical Hoosiers
Kurt Vonnegut
novelist, Slaughterhouse Five

Larry Bird
Hall of Fame Basketball player

Ryan White
The First HIV Poster Child 

Jim Davis
creator of "Garfield"

Jeff Gordon
NASCAR driver

Tony Stewart
NASCAR driver

John Schnatter
CEO of Papa John's Pizza

John Roberts
Chief Justice, US Supreme Court 

Celebrities From Indiana
Leon Ames 
actor, "Meet Me In St. Louis"
(from "my" home-town of Portland!) 

Karl Malden
Academy Award-winning actor

Red Skelton

James Dean
immortal Hollywood icon

Anne Baxter
actress, "All About Eve" 

Steve McQueen
actor, "The Magnificent Seven"

Forrest Tucker
actor, "F Troop"

Scatman Crothers
actor, "The Shining"

Florence Henderson
actress, "The Brady Bunch"

JoAnne Worley
comedienne, voice-actress

Will Geer
actor, "The Waltons"

Ron Glass
actor, "Barney Miller

David Letterman
comedian, talk-show host

Shelly Long 
actress, "Cheers" 

Brendan Fraser
actor, "The Mummy

Avery Brooks
actor, "Star Trek Deep Space Nine"

Twyla Tharp
dancer & choreographer
(from "my" home-town of Portland!) 

Michael Rosenbaum
actor, "Smallville"

Ryan Murphy
writer-producer, "Glee," "The New Normal" etc

A Song For You.... 
"Indiana Wants Me"
written & sung by R. Dean Taylor
after watching the movie "Bonnie & Clyde!"
this is a hokey home-made video, but those ARE scenes
of Indiana, unlike the official PR video which looks like
it was filmed in Canada! ;-) 

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