Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Iowa!

Today is the anniversary of Iowa being admitted to our United States of America.
Date of Admittance:December 28, 1846

Parentage: The word "iowa" is from the Native American tribe Ioway, who lived in this area before they were relocated.    

Place in the Family
Number 29
Iowa came exactly one year after Texas (12-29-1845),    
and was followed by Wisconsin two years later (May 1848). 

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain"
As opposed to, say, Nebraska, who is apt to let them lapse?!?

The Hawkeye State
I really don't know what a Hawkeye is. 

On the License Plate 
A farm scene....ho-hum
State Flag 
An eagle holding the state motto in its mouth and the state's name.
Wow, I really hate this one. Too many words!! 

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Iowa" 
Iowa City
Actual State Capital:Des Moines

State Size (Area) is 26th of 50
Population is closer to 30th of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Iowa Sports: 

Anybody From Iowa
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
He is mostly known as the President 

in 1929 when the Great Depression started. 
Blaming him for that isn't quite fair, though.   

31st President Herbert Hoover


Musical Iowans
Andy Williams
"Moon River"

Meredith Wilson

Fictional Iowans 
Corporal Walter O'Reilly
clerk, MASH 4077th

Capt James T. Kirk
captain, USS Enterprise

Celebrities From Iowa
Buffalo Bill Cody
Wild West Showman

Ringling Brothers Circus 

John Wayne
Academy Award-winning actor

William Frawley
actor, "I Love Lucy"

Donna Reed
Academy Award winning actress 

George Reeves
actor, "Adventures of Superman"

Jerry Mathers
actor, "Leave It To Beaver"
Johnny Carson
late-night talk show host, comedian

Cloris Leachman
Academy Award-winning actress, comedienne

Marcia Wallace
comedienne, voice-actress

Fred Grandy
actor, "The Love Boat"
US Representative 1987-1995

Phil Morris
actor, "Mission:Impossible '88"

Terry Farrell
actress, "ST: Deep Space Nine"

Kate Mulgrew
actress, "ST: Voyager"

Ashton Kutcher
actor, "That 70s Show"

Elijah Wood
actor, "The Lord of the Rings"

Michael Emerson
actor, "Lost"

Brandon Routh
actor, "Superman Returns"

Iowa Artists
Grant Wood
"American Gothic"


Norm Breyfogle
Batman, Archie

A Song For You.... 
"Iowa Stubborn" 
written by Meredith Wilson
his love-letter to his home state
(from the Matthew Broderick 2003 version)

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