Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mississippi!

Today is the anniversary of Mississippi being admitted to our United States of America.

Date of Admittance:December 10, 1817

Parentage: The state "mississippi" comes from the river Mississippi, which was "mici zibi" in Ojibwa and means "great river." 

Place in the Family 
Number 20
Mississippi was the Darling of 1817, 
as it came between 
Indiana  (Dec 1816)
and Illinois (Dec 1818)
Here we go again....why were so many states added in the month of December? 
They all get tax credits for squeaking in before the new year or something? 

"By valor and arms"
Not quite sure what that means....

The Magnolia State
Because the Magnolia is the state flower, of course. 
The play "Steel Magnolias" was set in Louisiana, however. 
On the License Plate 
Up until recently it was a light house. Before that it was a magnolia.  
By state law, the design has to change every five years.
State Flag 
A "rebel" design in the corner on the otherwise French flag.
This was established in 1894; 
before that the state flag had a white star on a blue background 
in the corner and a magnolia tree in the center. 

First City You Probably Think of 
When You Think "Mississippi" 
Actual State Capital:Jackson
State Size (Area) is 32nd of 50
Population is closer to 31st of 50
(per 2000 Census figures)

Mississippi Sports: 

Anybody From Mississippi
Ever Grow Up To Be President?

Good vs Evil 
cinematic version

Musical Mississippians
Elvis Presley 
The King of Rock & Roll

Sam Cooke
"You Send Me" 

B. B. King 
Guitarist Extraordinaire

Charley Pride
"Kiss An Angel Good Morning"

Faith Hill
"This Kiss"

Britney Spears
"Oops! I Did It Again"

3 Doors Down

Historical Mississippians

James Meredith
First Black student admitted to the University of Mississippi 

Medgar Evers
NAACP field officer 
assassinated in 1963

Celebrities From Mississippi

James Earl Jones
actor, "Field of Dreams"
Jim Henson
creator of The Muppets
Morgan Freeman
actor, "Shawshank Redemption"

Oprah Winfrey
Most Powerful Woman in Television

John Grisham
author, "A Time To Kill"

A Song For You.... 
written by Jerry Leiber & Billy Edd Wheeler
sung by Johnny Cash & June Carter (Cash)
(there are plenty of Mississippi songs 
to choose from, but this is one of my favorites, 
so... forgive me for going with Johnny Cash!) 

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