Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, John Workman!!

me, John Workman and his 2011 Harvey Award, and pal
Rick Duncan in Baltimore (Aug 2011)
In my comic book convention appearances over the years I have met several writers, artists, editors, and other creative types. I have also met some actors and actresses. Some I have actually struck up conversations with and (dare I say it?) "spent time with them."

The one creator I have spent the most time with is John Workman, 2011 Harvey Award winning letterer for THOR. I met him and his lovely wife Cathy at last year's Baltimore Comic-Con. We had dinner together the first night and breakfast the next two days. It was very, very pleasant and fun to hear about all sorts of "behind-the-scenes" comic-book stories.

So because today is John's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN! Hope to see you again this year and break bread with you again, too!

An original John Workman sketch

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