Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tennessee!

Today is the anniversary of Tennessee being admitted to our United States of America.

Date of Admittance:
June 1, 1796 

Parentage: The state's name comes from the Yuchi word "tana-see" which means "meeting place."  

Place in the Family
Sweet 16
Tennessee followed its big sister Kentucky
into the Union exactly FOUR YEARS later
(June 1792)
and was followed by Ohio seven years
after (March 1803)

"Agriculture & Commerce"
because Tennessee is good at both those things?

The Volunteer State
Due to the large number of volunteers in
the War of 1812, especially in
The Battle of New Orleans

On the License Plate
"The Volunteer State"
and the shape of the state used as a dash
in-between the left and right digits

State Flag
A blue circle around three white stars
representing East, Central, and Western
parts of the state.
I think this is one of my favorite
state flags...not only simple but effectve
and kinda cool, too! 

First City You Probably Think of
When You Think "Tennessee"

Actual State Capital

State Size (Area) is 36th of 50.
Population is closer to 16th of 50.
(per 2000 Census figures)

Personal Tennessee Fact:
My paternal grandfather lived the last few years
of his life in Tennessee.
We went and visited him several times when I was
a young whipper-snapper.

Tennessee Sports:
Tennessee Titans

Memphis Grizzlies

Nashville Predators

Anybody From Tennessee
Ever Grow Up To Be President?
Yes, but only if your name was Andrew... 
President Andrew Jackson
our first "populist" president

President Andrew Johnson
who really should have done better than he did

Good vs Evil
(special "you decide" edition)
Pat Boone
Wholesome & Pure?

Vice President Al Gore, Jr
Inventor of the Internet?

Musical Tennesseans
It being the home of the
Grand Ole Opry and all you'd think there'd
be more than I could actually find....

Johnny Cash
June Carter Cash
"Jackson", "If I Were A Carpenter" etc

Aretha Franklin
The Queen of Soul

The Oak Ridge Boys
"Elvira," "Leaving Louisana," etc

Tina Turner
"Ike Beats Tina To Death"

Isaac Hayes
"Shaft," "SOUTHPARK" 

Dolly Parton
"9 to 5," "Coat of Many Colors"

Kenny Chesney
"She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"

Justin Timberlake

"You Make Me Wanna...", "OMG"

Miley Cyrus

Film Stars From Tennessee

Sgt Alvin York
most decorated WWI US veteran
immortalized in the Gary Cooper film SGT YORK

Morgan Freeman
Academy Award Winning Actor

Kathy Bates
Academy Award Winning Actress

Quentin Tarentino
Award Winning Director & Screenwriter

Megan Fox

Holiday Inn
starring Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire

Most Famous Tennessean
Andrew Jackson
You see him everytime you pay for something
with a $20 bill, for crying out loud...
Either this guy, or....

A Song For You....
"Davy Crockett"
music by George Bruns
lyrics by Thomas W. Blackburn
sung by The Wellingstons
There was a time when EVERYONE
knew this song. That's how crazy popular it was!
Listen to the words and it tells
the story of one of our country's
greatest men....
from the great state of Tennessee~!

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