Monday, June 25, 2012

Pride: Gays In Uniform "You Belong To Me"

I went to the Columbus Gay Pride Parade and Festival last weekend. One of the loudest cheers any float got in the parade was the one dedicated to Gays in the Military. Each branch of the services had their flag on parade, and there was also an elderly gentleman seated on the float. He was in uniform and was decorated with several medals. I don't know military customs very well but it looked like he would have been a Korean War Army veteran.

The point I am making with this is that I honestly believe the fabric of our society has begun to change. Only a few years ago it was unheard of to think of gays in the US military. And before that it was unheard of to think of women. And before that it was unheard of to think of blacks. And now all of them serve, with just as much honor as straight white males. Sometimes with more.

To honor our gay service members, both past and present, here is The Duprees from 1962 singing, "You Belong To Me." It was written as from the point of view of a woman in the US waiting for her service-man to come home after World War II. It was recorded first by Patty Page and then by Jo Stafford, who had a huge international hit with it. Listen to the lyrics and tell me you don't think the images suggested by them says "military guy." Sure, it does sound a little bit odd for a group of men to be singing these words. But it's also a little bit romantic, don't you think? His loverboy must be an Air Force guy! ;-)

"You Belong To Me"
The Duprees
written by Chilton Price,
PeeWee King, and Redd Stewart


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