Monday, October 22, 2012

Eddy Grant "Romancing The Stone"

So in 1984 there was this little movie called ROMANCING THE STONE. It was considered sort of a female version/take-off of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, even though the script was actually written several years before RAIDERS' was. Kathleen Turner starred as  Joan Wilder, a romance novelist who becomes involved with international jewel thieves in Columbia, and Michael Douglas as Jack Colton, a bird exporter and jack-of-all trades. Danny DeVito was also featured as one of the bumbling smugglers.

Eddy Grant was coming off of  phenomenal success with two huge UK hits, "I Don't Want to Dance" and "Electric Avenue." He was commissioned to write and perform "Romancing the Stone" for the movie, but then for some reason he and the producers (who included star Michael Douglas) had a falling out, and the song was not used on the sound-track. You can hear it barely in one scene in the movie.

But I always liked it, so here it both the official "movie" version (which I swear I remember seeing on MTV or Night Tracks or somewhere) and then after the fall-out, a non-offiicial non-movie tie-in video version. I don't remember EVER seeing this one!  AND just for you completists out there, a live version from 1986.

Enjoy, and let me know which one you like better.

 The official Movie Tie-In version....sound is good, but picture is bad

The non-movie version 

 Live in London in 1986

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