Tuesday, October 9, 2012

JL #22 "Crisis on Earth-2!" part two FORWARD

Well, here we are with the conclusion of my JLA-JSA team-up. If you enjoyed round one you will probably enjoy this one, too. If you *didn't* like the first part, well...sorry! You probably won't like this one, either! ;-)

If you are a comic-book JLA fan and or historian you will recognize this story as being based on the classic JLA #s100-102 by Len Wein and Dick Dillin. The ending is the same, which is why I adapted it in the first place. If you *don't* know your JLA history, I'll explain it all at the AFTERWARD.

At this time I did not know the correct pronunciation of Len's last name, so its furigana says "wine" instead of "wean." 

My translation help was Miss Kinuyo Yamamura again. She was a real trooper and fun to work with.

Now sit back and enjoy the site of the Elongated Man wearing Rayban sunglasses, if nothing else. :-)

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