Sunday, October 21, 2012

We, the Purples....

I am constantly surprised by the poison that I hear and read spewing from both Conservative and Liberal camps. For every "Romney is a liar or an idiot" there is a "Barack Hussein wasn't born in this country."

Can we please just stop it!?!

As a patriotic American I have had enough. I see simple disagreements turning into animosity and hate, and I don't like it. The election is in two weeks, but the feelings are going to go on for a long, long time. I'm not naive enough to believe that I can change things. However, if after reading this article just one person stops re-posting over-the-top pictures or comment, then I will consider it a victory. You know who you are.

This article exists because I read one too many articles purporting to explain "The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals." The one article in particular I am referring to likened Conservatives to The Knights of the Crusade and Liberals to The Godless Hordes. I am sure there are articles painting the sides the opposite way, but I don't read them and my Conservative friends don't send those to me. I got so frustrated by the ugliness of this particular "entertainment" that I decided to use it as this week's theme.

And don't misunderstand me. For those of us who consider these things "funny" or "entertaining" or, worse yet, "informative," I want to slap you up-side-the-head and yell, "Don't do it!" It's not funny calling Gov Romney a liar. It's not funny calling President Bush an idiot. It's not funny to say President Obama is a Muslim. It paints us all as childish. it's embarrassing.

There are Conservatives who believe that the President is a terrorist who was not born in this country.

There are Liberals who believe that Governor Romney will slice up the country and give the profits to his rich buddies.

If you believe either of these things, please leave. Go hang out at Fact Check dot org. You're not wanted here.

For the rest of us, I think many of us are uncomfortable with our current "Party" affiliations. I consider myself a Liberal, but I also believe that VP Biden was incredibly rude to Mr. Ryan. I also believe it is not OK to characterize the moderator of the Hofstra debate as Jabba the Hut. Party affiliation should have nothing to do with these types of observations or comments. I am not a Republican Red, but sometimes I am not a Democratic Blue, either. I guess...I guess I am a Purple.

We the PURPLES believe that individual Americans have the right to defend themselves and their families with guns and that they have the right to go hunting with whatever weapon is most sportsmanlike. We believe that the right to own guns cannot be taken away by anything short of a Constitutional amendment; in other words, never. We believe that guns should be treated the same way as cars: they should be registered and controlled, and children should never ever be allowed to touch them. We disagree with Liberals saying Guns = Evil. We also disagree with Conservatives who say Guns = Good.

We the PURPLES believe that we should live in a color-blind society where every individual is judged on the content of his/her character. Until we reach this Utopia, however, Liberals believe that programs that  encourage older white males to include groups besides themselves are not bad. Conservatives would rather err on the side of caution and not make any racial quotas whatsoever. Right Wing Nuts believe that we already live in a world where the only racism that exists is against them. Left Wing Nuts believe in universal brotherhood; all we have to do is be forced to live and work together and the world will erupt in peace and love.

We the PURPLES honor capitalists who amass great wealth through their own efforts (or with some support from the government, haha). Conservatives believe that anyone who is rich is Good; Liberals believe that rich people amass their wealth by taking advantage of the workers. The truth is obviously somewhere in-between.

We the PURPLES believe that abortion ends the life of an innocent child. However, we don't want to outlaw all abortions. We support first trimester abortions, and working to prevent unwanted pregnancies via contraceptives and counseling. Conservatives value the life of the fetus-baby-child over all else; Liberals value the life and/or quality of life of the mother over that of the fetus-baby-child. Conservatives want to repeal abortion rights, which they believe were created from whole cloth by the Supreme Court. Liberals will brook no negotiation of any abortion laws, which they believe would signal a crack in their armor.

We the PURPLES believe the creed, "All Men are created equal." We believe that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is none of our damn business. We also believe that if Adam and Steve are in a committed relationship that they should not be treated differently from Liz and husband # 5 at any time. To be treated differently is prejudice, pure and simple. Conservatives believe that homosexuality is a choice, and like murderers and rapists, homosexual Americans should not be allowed to "practice" this "activity" as legitimate members of society. Liberals believe that "Gay Rights" is the same as "Civil Rights."

We the PURPLES believe in confronting and defeating enemies of the United States before they can harm US citizens. Conservatives are not only willing to play Gary Cooper in HIGH NOON, they prefer it. Liberals prefer to be Henry Fonda in TWELVE ANGRY MEN, building international consensus. We PURPLES believe in both options.


We the PURPLES believe in fair tax rates, balancing the federal budget, and getting the country out of debt. Conservatives believe that it is vitally important to reduce the size of government, i.e., get rid of any programs they do not support. Liberals believe it is vitally important to increase the efficiency of government, i.e., throw more money at programs that they support. We PURPLES know that "Pork Barrel Politics" is done by both sides.

We the PURPLES want better government. Conservatives believe that a government that governs least governs best. Liberals believe that in order to prevent the weakest from being taken advantage of by the unscrupulous that there must be things like The Environmental Protection Agency, Social Security, and Unemployment Insurance, among other such government "safety nets." We PURPLES recognize that in the real world, No Government Watchdog = Bad Guys Do Bad Things.

We the PURPLES believe in God and know that the USA has been blessed. We knot that his country was founded by people looking to celebrate religious freedoms, not to restrict them. Conservative Christians believe God should be celebrated everywhere in US society; Liberals are more sensitive to non-Christian Americans and the possibility of them feeling isolated by preaching that is better appropriate to your neighborhood Church. When Liberals say "Happy Holidays" they want to be more inclusive; Conservatives see this as rejecting Christianity. Conservatives believe Liberals = Atheists. Liberals believe Conservatives = Moral Majority (in a bad way). We PURPLES believe that they are both wrong.

We the PURPLES are patriotic and are always looking out for the good of our country. Anyone who says that Conservatives or Liberals do not love their country or are trying to destroy it is an idiot and a traitor. We know that patriotism is not a political issue.


  1. "If you believe either of these things, please leave."

    Sounds like me and a gentleman with the intials RK may be equally unwelcome here...for equal and opposite reasons. ;)

  2. Please tell me you're kidding. ;-)