Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nevada!

Today is the anniversary of Nevada being admitted to our United States of America.

Date of Admittance:

October 31, 1864

Parentage: The word "nevada" comes from the Spanish name for the mountain range on the western border of the state, "Sierra Nevada." "Sierra" means "mountains" and "Nevada" means "snow-capped." The territory was separated from the Mormons in the Utah Territory after it was won from Mexico in 1848 after it was stolen acquired from the Native Americans.

Place in the Family 
Number 36
Rushed in between  
West Virginia (June 1863)

and Nebraska (March 1867)

"All for Our Country" 
that's a pretty good one, actually

The Silver State 
Due to silver being mined there in the late 1800s

On the License Plate
"The Silver State"
and a silhouette of mountains 
State Flag
A blue banner with a silver star in the upper left-hand corner,
surrounded by the name "Nevada."
Above this is a yellow scroll with the words "Battle Born" 
(because Nevada became a state during the 
US Civil War). Below this are two sprays of 
sagebrush (the state flower).
Not all that interesting if you ask me. 

First City You Probably Think of
When You Think "Nevada"
Las Vegas

Actual State Capital: Carson City

State Size (Area) is 7th of 50.
Population is closer to 35th of 50.
(per 2000 Census figures)

Nevada Sports:
Absolutely none

Anybody From Nevada
Ever Grow Up To Be President?


Good vs Evil
Lake Tahoe

Las Vegas
Famous People From Nevada 

Pat Nixon
Former First Lady

Dawn Wells 
"Mary Anne Summers" on
James Marshall
Children's Book Illustrator

Glen Charles 
TV writer/producer
 Les Charles 
TV writer/producer
Andre Agassi
Pro Tennis Player
Barry Zito
SF Giants Pitcher

Panic At The Disco
Rock & Roll Band 

A Song For You....

"I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

Written & Sung by Panic! At the Disco

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